[NEWS] 110222 Yoochun + Song Ilgook + Thunder = Park Yoohwan?

Actor Park Yoohwan has a very familiar face. First off, he resembles his older brother Park Yoochun of JYJ. Other celebrities that come to mind are actor Song Ilgook, Shinhwa’s Andy, and MBLAQ’s Thunder.

Yoohwan revealed, “I’ve heard my whole life that I look like Song Ilgook sunbaenim and that if I didn’t have a fringe, I would look more like him.” Yoohwan’s manager commented that Yoohwan also resembles Thunder and Andy a lot. Lately, there have been many comments online about the similarities between Yoohwan and Thunder in appearance. Recently, Yoohwan also heard for the first time that he looks like Kang Dongwon. It is interesting to him that there are so many celebrities he resembles.
He also shared his goals and wishes and said, “It would be nice to become a good actor someday who sunbae actors/actresses can be proud of. It would also be nice to have hoobae actors/actresses who resemble me.”

Yoohwan takes on his first acting role as the high school student Han Seowoo in the new MBC TV “Shining Brightly”. The drama began airing on February 12th and will be airing every Saturday and Sunday.

Source: TV Report

Source: by kimchi hana @ http://www.koreaboo.com/


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