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[TRANS] 140317 Park Yoohwan greatly encouraged by Park Yoochun’s praises

201403250037771750_533051ab4d63a_59_20140325072506Park Yoohwan confessed he got greatly encouraged by his older brother JYJ Park Yoochun’s praises while filming. He said, “We always silently monitors each other’s works. While [I was] filming for ‘I Need Romance 3’, my older brother also enter into filming for movie ‘Sea Fog’ and SBS’s drama ‘Three Days’ and although we live together seeing each other was difficult. However seeing me after a long time, my hyung praised my performance, saying, ‘I liked your scene’. I thought myself inadequate, but I felt good from my older brother’s praises.” and revealed thankfulness toward Park Yoochun.

Source: Daily Focus
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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[NEWS] 140401 JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and Other C-JeS Artists Send Dream Notes to Philippines


Hoping to send even just a little bit of comfort, the artists at C-JeS Entertainment delivered Dream Notes to children in Philippines.

According to NGO World Vision on April 1, JYJ, Choi Min Sik, Seol Gyung Gu, Lee Jung Jae, Park Sung Woong, Song Ji Hyo, Gummy, Kang Hye Jung, and Park Yoo Hwan send 20.000 Dream Notebooks.71146903

The artists participated in the production of the notebooks, leaving signatures and messages of hope to the children of the Philippines after experiencing much destruction after Typhoon Haiyan in November of 2013.


Credit: Mwave
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[NEWS] 160314 Park Yoo Hwan Talks About Dating, Marriage and Ideal Type

[Interview] Park Yoo Hwan Talks About Dating, Marriage and Ideal Type

Meeting with Newsen for an interview recently, Park Yoo Hwan talked, “I haven’t really thought about marriage yet. I think I will get married when the time is right, regardless of my age.”

About his ideal type, he said, “I put physical appearance at the bottom of the list when it comes to looking at the opposite gender. I don’t think physical looks contribute much to a relationship, no matter how beautiful the person is. A relationship lasts long, when there is good communication. I hope I can meet someone who I can share my heart with.”

“I don’t usually express the hardships I go through,” said Park Yoo Hwan. “Not even to my family. I don’t want my family to worry because of me. Both my mother and my brother probably go through their own hardships, more than I do. So I want to meet someone who I can share those things with. Maybe that’s why I’ve only dated older girls so far.” Read More…

[TRANS] 131222 Park Yoo Hwan Parties It Up at a Club for “I Need Romance 3”

1536430_586998104704725_1309833111_nPreviously known as simply JYJ’s Park Yoochun’s younger brother, Park Yoo Hwan has created his own name as a rising actor. Recently, the actor’s photos of a clubbing scene for his upcoming drama portrayed Park Yoo Hwan’s upbeat attitude.

In regards to the photos, CJeS Entertainment stated, “Today (Dec. 22nd) Park Yoo Hwan uploaded photos on his official Facebook of a club party. “ Starring in the tvN drama “I Need Romance 3,” Park Yoo Hwan had posted behind the scene photos of the drama’s filming.

The bright and energetic clubbing atmosphere fit perfectly with the actor’s upbeat character. Portraying 27 year old Lee Woo Young, Park Yoo Hwan plans to act as the youngest member of a department team working under a home shopping company. Although young, Lee Woo Young’s ability to relate and understand women will contribute to the drama’s focus of love, competition, and friendship.

TvN’s “I Need Romance 3” will broadcast its first episode on January 13. Many can expect to see Park Yoo Hwan take on a new personality through his character Lee Woo Young.

What do you think of Park Yoo Hwan’s hair for the drama? Yay or nay?

Source: soompi

[PICS/SNS] 131213 Official Facebook Update


“Drama ‘I need romance’ season 3 has begun in earnest! Following photo shot shows team members of ‘I need romance’ season 3^^”

Source: cjesyuhwan

[NEWS] 131126 Park Yoohwan, Yoon Seung-ah and Hyo-ju Park Joining ‘I Need Romance 3’


Upcoming tvN rom-com I Need Romance Season 3 went on another happy casting spree, giving us more additions to the crew of the home shopping network where our heroine Kim So-yeon will work, which will also serve as this season’s backdrop for romance in the workplace. Joining the cast are Park Yoo-hwan (Can’t Live Without You), Yoon Seung-ah (Empire of Gold), and Park Hyo-joo (The Chaser).

Kim So-yeon stars as a fashion marketing director of a home shopping channel where most of our cast will work (with the exception of her romantic interest Sung Joon, a songwriter). Park Yoo-hwan plays the team’s 27-year-old maknae, a sweet guy who gets along fantastically with all the noonas in the workplace due to a lifetime’s worth of experience growing up with an overbearing mom and strong-willed older sister. He’s the peacemaker, the good listener, and all-around perfect dongseng.

Yoon Seung-ah plays a 25-year-old new hire at the company who spent half her twenties slaving away in preparation to join the rat race for a salaried job mostly because she’s told that’s what you have to do in life, only to come out on the other end and realize she doesn’t even have a dream. She’s in a five-year relationship with a guy studying for the civil service exam, which basically means he’s a sucky boyfriend who has no time for her, but will one day be A-list husband material. She’ll come to confide in Park Yoo-hwan like everybody else does, but sparks will fly and she’ll end up attracted to him instead.

Park Hyo-joo plays another member of the team who enjoys her single life at 36, and is a survivor above all else. She’s a happy-go-lucky, laid-back character who enjoys both online and offline dating and generally keeps to casual short-term relationships. She’ll encounter an unexpected opportunity for romance that promises to deliver laughs.

There are just so many people to like in this drama. I’m looking forward to Yoon Seung-ah’s mid-twenties identity crisis storyline; it sounds really relatable and cute. And I guess this means both Yoobros will be on TV at the same time, which I’m thinking is bad news to no one.

I Need Romance 3 is set to air on Mondays and Tuesdays in January.

source: Hankook Ilbo

translation: dramabeans

[TRANS+FAN ACCOUNT] 131020 Japanese 1st Fanmeeting


In the video where we see Yuhwan’s room, he was so shy when the camera came in that it has to be re-taken. But we still get to see Take 1 and Take 2 both takes ww The room was very orderly and clean and he said he tried his best to clean up because of the filming.

The desk where there are 2 PCs, the chair was bought by Yuchun together with a table in a set but Yuhwan brought only the chair over to his room w In the room’s little fridge, we only see juice and facial packs inside w Seems that Yuhwan does facial pack 3 times a week w He says that when he puts a cold facial pack, his face feels clear.

A very detailed and organized room ww Very different from Yuchun www There is a room with a grand white piano too. Next to the big monitor, we see pictures of ELLE’s Yuchun hanged up. Filming was also done on Yuhwan playing games but the controller? Was fabulous w Its like a real car seat and steering wheel w How he must love playing games ww On the terrace right in front of the Han river, we were also shown Norae. Seems that he usually doesn’t put Norae out. And although wild cats do come to the terrace they won’t come when Norae is there. Norae doesn’t go outside usually. Even when Yuhwan carries it, Norae was trembling w Read More…

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