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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Park Yoohwan International Fan Project

Dear fans of Yoohwan,

We, YeahYoohwan Fanclub, are doing an International Fan Project for our beloved actor, Park Yoohwan. To show our love for him, we are collecting fan-letters and messages from his fans all over the world. All these well-wishes will be made into a book and passed to Yoohwan.

You may choose to:

1. Email us your message for him

2. Write a hand-written letter and send it to any 1 of our representatives


  • A4 size (Horizontal) – ONLY IF you are sending a hand-written letter.
  • Do NOT include any other messages such as to Yoochun. Please respect this.

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Park Yoohwan International Fan Project

Park Yoohwan International Fan Project

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