[PICS] 140321 Yoohwan poses for various interviews

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Park Yoohwan poses for various interviews

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4 responses to “[PICS] 140321 Yoohwan poses for various interviews”

  1. lyn says :

    Hello admin. I know I ask too much but can u consider to make subtile for Yoo Hwan’s drama 그대 없인 못살아 – Can’t live without you MBC 2012? I know its a long drama but I really really want to watch Yoo Hwan’s acting in this drama. May be only Yoo Hwan’s parts
    Thank You for reading 🙂

    • YeahYoohwan says :

      We wish we could be able to provide you with subtitles but we are currently in search of Korean translators.

      • lyn says :

        Yep, I understand. That’s a big problem. But according to what I found, CLWY will be aired on MBC AMERICA next April 8. It breaks my heart, i couldn’t watch this channel. Is there any way to record it. I luv Yoo Hwan so so much much. He is the only young actor I admire, not bcs he is good looking. He is a good actor although he is still lacking a lot. He and his partner in CLWY make me crazy. I can’t beleive they looks so good together although their age gap. 🙂

      • YeahYoohwan says :

        I will research that! Thank you so much for the tip!!! And I ll have to agree with you I was personally amazed with his raw talent even thou he never had previous experience or any kind of Training.

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