[NEWS] 160314 Park Yoo Hwan Talks About Dating, Marriage and Ideal Type

[Interview] Park Yoo Hwan Talks About Dating, Marriage and Ideal Type

Meeting with Newsen for an interview recently, Park Yoo Hwan talked, “I haven’t really thought about marriage yet. I think I will get married when the time is right, regardless of my age.”

About his ideal type, he said, “I put physical appearance at the bottom of the list when it comes to looking at the opposite gender. I don’t think physical looks contribute much to a relationship, no matter how beautiful the person is. A relationship lasts long, when there is good communication. I hope I can meet someone who I can share my heart with.”

“I don’t usually express the hardships I go through,” said Park Yoo Hwan. “Not even to my family. I don’t want my family to worry because of me. Both my mother and my brother probably go through their own hardships, more than I do. So I want to meet someone who I can share those things with. Maybe that’s why I’ve only dated older girls so far.”

Having immigrated to America when he was young, Park Yoo Hwan experienced racism during childhood. About this he said, “My personality changed a lot when I went to America.”

“I was always playful, talkative, and liked to moved around a lot. But when I went to America, I was always home,” confessed the actor. “I couldn’t get along with people my age and just stayed with my brother. I didn’t like to go out, and was even afraid to talk to people. I got stressed just by thinking about having a conversation.”

“Even after I came back to Korea, my personality didn’t change,” he continued. “Before I dreamed of becoming an actor, I would refuse whenever people asked me to go eat or drink with them. My personality had changed a lot. I think had a hard time carrying out a conversation and got stressed, since I had no idea what I wanted to do.”

But after he began acting, things have changed a lot and he came to regain his confidence.

“Fortunately, as I started acting, I got my old personality back,” he said. “Every time I finished each project, I learned so much not only as an actor, but as myself, Park Yoo Hwan.

Meanwhile, Park Yoo Hwa recently starred in tvN’s I Need a Romance 3, acting as Lee Woo Young.

Source: mwave

Photo credit: Newsen


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