[PICS] 140207 Park Yoohwan Offering Warm Coffee At CJfoodworld

Park Yoohwan who plays the part of Lee Wooyoung in tnN’s “I Need Romance 3” was at Cj foodworld.

The drama rating surpassed 1% and he kept his promise!

He offered warm coffee to 100 people!!!

DSC_0278CJΗͺ΅εΏω΅ε_·ΞΈΗ½Ί°‘_ΗΚΏδΗΨ_ΉΪΐ―Θ―CJΗͺ΅εΏω΅ε_Ευ½ζΔΏΗΗ_ΉΪΐ―Θ―_°ψΎΰ_½ΗΓ΅·ΞΈΗ½Ί°‘_ΗΚΏδΗΨ_CJΗͺ΅εΏω΅εΕυ½ζΔΏΗΗ_ΉΪΐ―Θ―ΉΪΐ―Θ―_Ευ½ζΔΏΗΗ1782449_609533345784534_2108404511_o1014682_609533349117867_826188814_o1531944_609533342451201_1174536705_oKakaoTalk_54fa6dbdc5a41811KakaoTalk_6dd722e6738d0e45KakaoTalk_20a694504469de5cKakaoTalk_3f75133adb15c880KakaoTalk_54fa6dbdc5a41811 (1)KakaoTalk_dda4c056d223b94eKakaoTalk_3f75133adb15c880 (1)  SAM_7108 DSC_0301 SAM_7110 1391752479361_20140207_125027 1391752479872_20140207_125114 KakaoTalk_1c3d3ec17960d93b KakaoTalk_19b6034a1561227b KakaoTalk_0a4b9989bb4db1a9 (1) KakaoTalk_ce8c534588a690bb KakaoTalk_7e7188f06411001d KakaoTalk_8e6ffd44571facf5 KakaoTalk_0a4b9989bb4db1a9 SAM_7016

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