[TRANS] 140113 The Cast of “I Need Romance Season 3” had a pajama party.


In order to comfort Shin Joo Yeon (Kim So Yeon), her colleagues (Park Hyo Joo, Yoon Seung Ah, Park Yoo Hwan) gathered at her house to open a warm Pajama party and gossip…^^”

The cast also said that they promised to hold a pajama party in Gwangwamun, central Seoul, if the rating exceeds 3%, which is regarded to be equal to 15% for major broadcasters.

cr: Naver / bityxu @ soompi

tvN new drama “I Need Romance Season 3” had a pajama party.

Kim So-yeon, Park Hyo-joo, Yoon Seung-ah, Park Yoo-hwan are wearing pajamas in the picture.

Four of them in the picture have gathered around to comfort a depressed Kim So-yeon and chatting together.

The stars are eating snacks in pastel toned pajamas with their hair tied up and looking very comfortable.

Meanwhile, “I Need Romance Season 3” is relatable to any woman as it deals with honest relationships and emotional depictions. Based in the world of home shopping, the alpha girls of the country compete and show friendship for one another in this drama. To be aired on the 17th.

Source: Hancinema


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