[PICS] 140108 ‘I Need Romance 3′ Press Conference Part 2

38e9df4a5a6de5a8048715bdcf7f63ce20140108_1389160174_54818100_1 72431f5fd037f3245a2bf2005520a390201401081539401810_103.8230449.1201401081533775513_52ccf22d3b83620140108153602_52ccf1d26eda8_120140108022265_013891598934084730445053b648f08f75afe13ac577787733959320140108_1389160779_93801100_1  03.8230449.1   image_readtop_2014_38702_13891602531169902 image_readtop_2014_38523_13891589011169839  e4adb9888a1c986050cd726209a840d2 da9a402b89ee54f61754edf1f1cbab91 b06e0d6878cef7f4cbf4a7d2fe583f71 article 20140108152743935327 1389160754_634262 77339593
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