[TRANS] 131222 Park Yoo Hwan Parties It Up at a Club for “I Need Romance 3”

1536430_586998104704725_1309833111_nPreviously known as simply JYJ’s Park Yoochun’s younger brother, Park Yoo Hwan has created his own name as a rising actor. Recently, the actor’s photos of a clubbing scene for his upcoming drama portrayed Park Yoo Hwan’s upbeat attitude.

In regards to the photos, CJeS Entertainment stated, “Today (Dec. 22nd) Park Yoo Hwan uploaded photos on his official Facebook of a club party. “ Starring in the tvN drama “I Need Romance 3,” Park Yoo Hwan had posted behind the scene photos of the drama’s filming.

The bright and energetic clubbing atmosphere fit perfectly with the actor’s upbeat character. Portraying 27 year old Lee Woo Young, Park Yoo Hwan plans to act as the youngest member of a department team working under a home shopping company. Although young, Lee Woo Young’s ability to relate and understand women will contribute to the drama’s focus of love, competition, and friendship.

TvN’s “I Need Romance 3” will broadcast its first episode on January 13. Many can expect to see Park Yoo Hwan take on a new personality through his character Lee Woo Young.

What do you think of Park Yoo Hwan’s hair for the drama? Yay or nay?

Source: soompi


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