[Twitter/SNS] 121227 Yoohwan’s Twitter Update

121127 Yoohwan Twitter Update 1

121127 Yoohwan Twitter Update 2

121127 Yoohwan Twitter Update 3

1. Q: so…what’s your favorite cupcake flavor? [mysekushiboo]

A: I dont like cupcakes LOL 

2. Q: It’s been 2 minutes and you have answered zero questions, why [yunhosan]

A: I’m getting a bajillion questions, it’s a little overwhelming! 

3. Q: What is color of your underwear? [spoooonic]

A: I think my underwear is black. 

4. Q: Do you like fans Arabs ?? [Elaf53]

A: yes 

5. Q: if you can be reborn as an animal, what animal would you like to be? [1001wie]

A: a chimpanzee. lol 

6. Q: what are you doing? [errshinki]

A: drinking coffee and trying to answer your questions 

7. Q: what do you want for new year? [jaechangjoong]

A: nothing 

8. Q: Why is it so difficult for Korean idols to communicate with their international fans? We’d love to talk more to you. 🙂 [niadeea]

A: that’s why I’m doing this! 

121127 Yoohwan Twitter Update 4

Source: rypaffo

Credit: YeahYoohwan


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2 responses to “[Twitter/SNS] 121227 Yoohwan’s Twitter Update”

  1. Dominique Morin says :

    I Like.
    Happy New Year 2013 from France and full of new future success

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