[TRANS] Park Yoohwan, ‘Can’t Live without You’ 100th episode “Thank you for the support”


Actor Park Yoohwan revealed his reflections and behind the scene pictures in regards to the 100th episode of MBC drama ‘Can’t Live without You’.

Through Park Yoohwan’s official Facebook, the pictures of Park Yoohwan reading the script seriously before filming starts while smiling brightly were revealed.

The first episode of MBC daily drama ‘Can’t Live without You’ was aired on 28th May which received a lot of love from the viewers from the start with the story that shows the warmth of a family.


Park Yoohwan plays the role of Kim Mindo who is a trouble maker during the start of the drama and advanced on to a familiar character to the viewers. Always getting into trouble with the family, girlfriend and the director that he’s working together with, Park Yoohwan is now a reliable husband and son from a certain period of time throughout the 100 episodes.

Park Yoohwan also left a message saying “I can’t believe that it’s already the 100th episode. My beloved mother and Jisu are both sick so lately it’s been a little sad but I’m getting strength from all the support given by the viewers. There’s only less than a month left for the drama so please show lots of support in the future.”

Source: TV Daily

Credit: GomAnna of YeahYoohwan Fanclub


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