[TRANS] 121023 Park Yoohwan, Earnest crying scene……Viewers cried too

During episode 92 of ‘Can’t Live without You’ that was broadcasted on the 22nd October, Park Yoohwan pictured an impressive scene of regret and remorse for neglecting Jisu, not knowing that she is suffering from Leukemia.

During the previous episode, Kim Mindo (Park Yoohwan) got to know of Jisu (Park Sunyoung) having Leukemia and he was unable to contain his grief over the harsh words that he said to her thus far.

Also, Kim Mindo heard from Jisu’s doctor that “Jisu’s condition is changing everyday for the worse. If Jisu lives, you will have to give the baby up”, tears could not stop flowing. Kim Mindo said to Jisu “Why didn’t you tell me. During this time because I didn’t know, I’m really sorry” and started to persuade Jisu to receive the surgery straight away.

But for the sake of the baby, Jisu is stubborn about the treatment. Even when Kim Mindo said that he is fine without having a child as long as she is with him, Jisu showed off a strong attitude by saying that this is the last chance for her to be a mother.

After Park Yoohwan’s debut, through years of acting experiences with a variety of drama, he is showing a higher intensity in the emotional acting thus getting a good response from the viewers. The viewers commented that “I cried a lot watching Mindo together with his mum”, “Park Yoohwan’s crying scenes always touches my heart”, “People who are really precious to Mindo are all having illness that isn’t it too much. I watched Park Yoohwan’s heartbreaking crying scenes well”, not saving any praises for him at all.

The officials stated that “Starting from a weekend drama, Park Yoohwan then build up a stable acting which received a lot of love from the viewers. Especially recently, he is showing an impressive emotional acting that well presented Mindo’s miserable circumstances”.

MBC daily drama ‘Can’t Live without You’ will be airing every Monday~Friday at 8.15pm.

Source: TVReport

Credits: GomAnna of YeahYoohwan FanClub


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