[TRANS] 120822 Park Yoohwan, not anyone’s younger brother, reborn as an actor

Style Magazine ‘Single’ held a special pictorial shooting with 8 actors who represent South Korea to commemorate the 8th anniversary since it was first launched.

Starting from the veteran with the long acting career, the one we’re proud of, Jo Jae Hyun to the newly emerging Lee Jong Hyuk, Kwak Do Won, Eom Ki Jun, Lee Jin Wook, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Jang Woo and Park Yoohwan, their pictorials are going to be revealed.

Among the 8 actors, the youngest among them, Park Yoohwan, started to gain fame with the title of being the younger brother of a famous idol but he eventually showed the public an outstanding performance having been born again as an actor.

Widening his own area of acting little by little, actor Park Yoohwan’s worries as well as the pictorials will be meeting you in ‘Singles’ September issue.


Source: Frontier Times – Reporter Jo Sung Hee



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One response to “[TRANS] 120822 Park Yoohwan, not anyone’s younger brother, reborn as an actor”

  1. Lisa says :

    Usually in a family one person gets all the charisma, but there was enough in this family for 2 of them to have full measure. If I was a teenager, Yoohwan would have captured my heart already. But as it is, he will still be the little brother for awhile longer.

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