[TRANS] Park Yoohwan “I’m getting married today”

Park Yoohwan “I’m getting married today” Transformed into a handsome groom!

Actor Park Yoohwan will be having a wedding in the drama.

Park Yoohwan, who is acting as aspiring movie director Kim Mindo in the drama ‘Can’t Live without You’, will be the main character of a wedding scene which is the first wedding scene he is in since his debut.

In the drama, Park Yoohwan will be having a wedding with Jisu (Park Sunyoung), who is 5 years older, ending the ups and downs of their love story, thus joining the ranks of married men.

Today’s preview for episode 43 showed the loving Mindo couple one day before their wedding day. Mindo said “If we have a daughter who looks like noona*, I think she will be very pretty. I love you” to Jisu, who appeared in an evening dress, enjoying their happiness.

*Noona is referred to when calling an older woman

For episode 44, which will be broadcasting tomorrow, the wedding ceremony ended without any hitch with the blessings of the family members and the officially married couple will then be leaving for a honeymoon trip.

Park Yoohwan said “I was quite nervous because this is the first time after my debut to film a wedding scene. The seniors said that to get married around the 4th project will be blessed so I went to continue filming with a warm and excited heart” and “In the future, I will show our loving married life with senior Park Sunyoung.“

Meanwhile, the fact that actor Park Yoohwan is JYJ’s Park Yoochun’s brother is already known in the industry.


Source: Nate

Translation credits: kprincess5 for YeahYoohwan


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One response to “[TRANS] Park Yoohwan “I’m getting married today””

  1. kingka checkmeito レト (@booboojae) says :

    for two seconds I was freaking out cause I thought it was real o___o

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