[ANNOUNCEMENT] Park Yoohwan International Fan Project

Dear fans of Yoohwan,

We, YeahYoohwan Fanclub, are doing an International Fan Project for our beloved actor, Park Yoohwan. To show our love for him, we are collecting fan-letters and messages from his fans all over the world. All these well-wishes will be made into a book and passed to Yoohwan.

You may choose to:

1. Email us your message for him

2. Write a hand-written letter and send it to any 1 of our representatives


  • A4 size (Horizontal) – ONLY IF you are sending a hand-written letter.
  • Do NOT include any other messages such as to Yoochun. Please respect this.

Format Template




Picture (Attachment): A picture of yourself/holding a banner/poster with encouraging words [T/N: Must NOT be a picture of Yoohwan himself]

Send it using the format template above to yeahyoohwan@hotmail.com with the subject title as Yoohwan Fan Support Message [Your Country*]. If you want to deliver a hand-written letter, email us with the subject title as Hand-Written Letter [Your Country*]

*The reason why we need your country is because there are different admins are in charge of different areas. Please understand.

For fan support sent through email, you may choose to write your message in any of the following languages:

  • English
  • Korean 한국어
  • Chinese 中文
  • Malay Melayu
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • French Français

Our staff will translate/edit it for you but preferably, do send it in English/Korean.

If you have any questions, please email us at yeahyoohwan@hotmail.com or you can also tweet us at @yeahyoohwan for short replies.

Thank you. We hope all of you will show lots of love and support!


Yeah Yoohwan Fanclub


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15 responses to “[ANNOUNCEMENT] Park Yoohwan International Fan Project”

  1. mwn1996 says :

    we have time until the end of August??
    thank you

  2. TarS says :

    Could I share for my thailand yuhwan’s fanclub ?

  3. kikosoo says :

    what about the Arab fans ?? there are lots who want to practice in the project we will send our messages in ENG 🙂

    • yeahyoohwan says :

      السلام عليكم
      We are open to everyone, even Arab fans. ^^
      However, yes, we need your messages to be in English.
      Please help to spread to the Arab community!
      Thank you!

  4. Jaejoong Is Mine (@JYJUKFANDOM) says :

    from a uk fan i will send my entry soon

  5. rose0621 says :

    excuse me, may I ask if the picture is really needed?
    I mean I can’t post a picture of me because here in our country it’s forbidden. I want to join but the picture thing make me not sure about it. And if it’s needed Can I make my little sister hold the massage for me?

    • yeahyoohwan says :

      Yes, the picture is compulsory. However, you don’t have to post a picture of yourself. A banner/poster is fine. You can even cover your face with it. So yes, you can ask your sister to hold it for you. ^^

      Also, may I know which country are you from so that I can post this particular problem to let others know as well?

      Thank you!

  6. rose0621 says :

    will, it’s not only a country you see!
    I’m Arabian girl and we are not allowed to post our pictures!
    I’m from United Arab Emirates
    And thanks for answering ^^

  7. ondine says :

    sorry, i havent geit it yet. it must a message about yoohwan or supporting words that i have to write if i want to join? i mean, what kind of massage?

    • YeahYoohwan says :

      You can send in your message via email to us. You can write anything to him and we will review your message.

      P/S: I think we’ve already received your message. Thank you!

  8. Adeline ng says :

    Is it too late if I send now? 😦

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