[TRANS] “Our Yoohwan is different now!” Attention on Park Yoohwan’s acting growth

“Our Yoohwan is different now!”

Actor Park Yoohwan (21) has attracted attention with his recent acting ability. Currently, Park Yoohwan who is starring as the main character in MBC daily drama ‘Can’t Live without You’ is becoming a hot topic again because of his acting ability.

Last year, Park Yoohwan debuted with ‘MBC weekend drama ‘Sparkling’ but his Korean pronunciation was plainly awkward since he spent his school years in America. However, in the same year, with MBC Monday-Tuesday history drama ‘Gye-baek’ and SBS melodrama ‘A Thousand Days’ Promise’, he had chosen dramas of various genres which then built his position step by step.

Recently, in ‘Can’t Live without You’ his growth as an actor is being well-received and in response to that, Park Yoohwan said that it is all thanks to the acting seniors who are starring together with him. In ‘Can’t Live without You’ Park Yoohwan will be acting opposite senior actress Park Sunyoung (36) and already matched their chemistry with each other along with the other family members in the drama such as veteran actors Kim Haesook, Ju Hyeon, Kim Jiyoung and many more. It was revealed that “In the drama, it seems to be because of the great love received from so many seniors. They gave so many good advices and took care of everyone. In particular, Park Sunyoung is a lot prettier. Also, in the midst of the drama, main characters have to shoot their scene everyday so the acting skills seems to be improving”

A broadcasting official said that “I’ve been receiving good evaluations of ‘Acting-dol’ hyung Park Yoochun but dongsaeng Park Yoohwan’s growth as an actor is remarkable.” Continuing on, he praised Park Yoohwan saying,  “From now on, instead of as ‘Park Yoochun’s brother’, I will keep an eye on him as actor Park Yoohwan that I can look forward to in the future”.

source: Sports Seoul
translation by : kprincess5 for yeahyoohwan


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