[ANNOUNCEMENT] Can’t Live Without You Eng Sub

Dear friends, readers and fans of Park Yoohwan,

Earlier on, Yeah Yoohwan Fanclub announced that we will be having some good news for all of you. Now, the wait is over.

We, Yeah Yoohwan Fanclub, will be doing a special collaboration with DBSK-JYJ Archive to bring to all of you English subbed videos of our dearest actor, Park Yoohwan. In particular, this collaboration will be focusing on his current family drama, MBC ‘Can’t Live without You’, as many of you had requested.

For this project, we will be naming our collaboration: Without You Subbing Team (WYST).

As many of you might already know, a family drama typically consists of 100+ episodes and for this drama, it is 120 episodes long. Currently, the drama is in its 20+ episodes already.

Since our subbing team is still new and small, it will take some time for the subbed episodes to be uploaded. Therefore, please be patient with us. We will try our best to narrow the gap between the subbed episodes and real-time airing episodes.

Also, please respect our decision of not translating every single conversation in the drama. Our translator can assure you that you will still get the overall story despite certain parts un-subbed. This is because there is only 1 translator currently and we want to finish subbing the drama as soon as possible. We hope for your understanding.

Please give Can’t Live without You and WYST lots of love~ ♥

Thank you.

Admins of Yeah Yoohwan Fanclub


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6 responses to “[ANNOUNCEMENT] Can’t Live Without You Eng Sub”

  1. 6002ija says :

    great job guys… totally appreciate ur afford n hard work.

  2. zero-mania says :

    Great news indeed!! ~

  3. florence99 says :

    Thank you for your good jobs

  4. florence99 says :

    Thank your for your good jobs

  5. Lyn says :

    I’m dying waiting for eng sub for this series and finally, I give up. so sad

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