[TRANS] ‘Strongest K-pop Survival’ Article In French Hallyu Magazine

K-Pop, the Ultimate Audition

If you love dramas AND K-Pop music, don’t turn the page without taking the time to read this article. K-Pop, the Ultimate Audition us a drama where everything happens in an entertainment agency, with idols and young trainees who have shining dreams. A drama that will make happy all the fans of this ganre.


Ji Seung Yeon, a real tomboy, is a young Korean girl who dreams of having a Hip-Hop career her own way. With her best-friend Woo Hyun, who also dreams of becoming a singer, she decides to go through auditions to join an already-famous K-Pop group.
After they successfully pass the first auditions, herself, Woo Hyun and other young people are selected to join the agency as trainees. Seung Yeon moves in with the others and hides the fact that she is a girl.

Shortly before the auditions, she had met several times Kwon Ji Woo, the leader of the drama’s main group, each time resulting in a mes (she throws up on him during their first meeting). And when he realizes that she has been selected, he is furious and enjoys teasing her without knowing that she is a girl!
Then starts a long fight between the young trainees, who try to proove their worth and to achieve their dreams, and the group’s members who try to develop their career.

K-Pop on screen

Dramas inspired by K-Pop music aren’t new (Dream High, You’re Beautiful) and considering the quality of the previous ones, K-Pop, the Ultimate Audition would have reasons to worry about the audiance’s anwer.

Its first good point is MBlaq’s cameo, who almost play their own role by playing M2, a very famous group in the story. The group members add some authenticity to the story, even if we don’t see them a lot.

A “You’re Beautiful” remake?

A girl disguised as a guy to join a male K-Pop group isn’t without reminding us of some familiar feeling. However, while discovering the drama, you will quickly realize that it is as far as the comparison goes. Like in You’re Beautiful, this drama is centered around what happens in the backstage of K-Pop (love, betrayal, dreams) but the characters are different, and especiall the main character who has a passion for Hip Hop, and offers a refreshing a energetic acting.

In short

The drama is still recent, but after a slightly dull first episode, we quickly come to like the characters who drag us with pleasure in the backstages of Sunny Entertainment until achieving their dreams. With a special crush for Go Eun Ah, who inspire by herself some of this drama’s hapinness.

translation by: JYJinEurope

shared by: yeahyoohwan


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