[TRANS] Park Yoohwan acting transformation, up till where? Mild-mannered SooAe’s brother→ ‘Trouble maker’ Playboy

Park Yoohwan is, this time round, an immature playboy.

Park Yoohwan has tried on another acting role. On the previous 28th May which marks the first episode of MBC daily drama “Can’t Live without You” starred Park Yoohwan as the spoiled son, Kim Mindo.

Park Yoohwan who is acting as Kim Mindo, from the beginning, seems to be the lifeblood and fun interest of this drama. He could not arrive on time for his grandmother’s event and ended up being scolded by his father. To cover up his embarrassing situation, he told his girlfriend that “it’s business” with the director.

Additionally, Kim Mindo even took glances at the legs of his girlfriend, who was wearing a miniskirt and even saying “My beautiful puppy~”. Min Jisu (starring Park Sunyoung) and the girlfriend left him in a condition of ‘mental breakdown’ between the 2 women and eventually had to be taken to the emergency room leading to a laughing point which definitely should not be missed.

Last year, Park Yoohwan acted in SBS drama “A Thousand Day Promise” as the beloved mild-mannered brother Moon Kwon who was engulfed in tears due to his Alzheimer sister. Without rest, he then went on to act in Channel A ‘K-POP Ultimate Survival’ as the ‘no manners’ top star idol and after ensuring an acting transformation, he is now acting as the playboy, spoiled youngest son.

In particular, the first reason why Park Yoohwan’s acting is in the limelight is because he will be acting with Park Sunyoung where they have an age difference of 15 years apart and how they will harmonise with each other. Secondly, it is also because the role Kim Mindo that Park Yoohwan is acting as plays an important role in the drama.

Kim Mindo might be an immature, aspiring film-maker but on the inside, he had received a huge shock during his childhood when he found out that he had another ‘same age’ younger brother due to his father’s affair. In the first part, all of the characters expressed fine emotion acting. Now, all eyes are focused on to the extent of Park Yoohwan’s acting transformation.

source: tvdaily
translation by : kprincess5 for yeahyoohwan


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