[TRANS] MBC New Daily Drama ‘Can’t Live Without You’ Started Off With An Unstable 6% Viewership Rating.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the first episode of ‘Can’t Live without You’ on the 28th had a viewership rating of 6.7% nationwide which is 4.8% lower than the final episode of the  predecessor drama ‘Be Like Today’ which ended at 11.5%.

The daily drama ‘Be like Today’ which aired its first episode on 21st November 2011 showed a viewership rating of 11.6% which recorded at 4.9% higher than ‘Can’t Live without You’.

‘Can’t Live without You’ is a series about the conflicts and reconciliation of a large family, which is the work of ‘Miss Ripley’ PD Choi Yiseop and screenwriter Kim Sunyoung.

In the first episode, Kim Poongki (Juhyeon) had attempted to hold a celebration party for his mother Kang Wolah (Kim Jiyoung) where on the same day, revolved mainly around what happened due to the Casanova ways of Poongki’s son Kim Mindo (Park Yoohwan). Up to the first episode, it demonstrated the potential of a daily drama with secret affairs and birth secrets. ‘Can’t Live withoutYou’ stars Kim Haesook•Ju Hyun•Park Eunhye•Kim Hojin•Park Sunyoung•Park Yoohwan and many others.

source: asiae.co.kr

Translation by : kprincess5 for yeahyoohwan


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