[TRANS] ‘Can’t Live Without You’ Kim Haesook praised “Park Yoohwan is such a pure person”

Veteran actress Kim Haesook praised hoobae Park Yoohwan’s personality.

On the 21st of May at 2pm, a press conference for MBC new daily drama “Can’t Live without You” was held at Novotel Ambassador Gangnam Seoul.

Kim Haesook joked with the junior actors saying that “If you answer wrongly, from tomorrow onwards you won’t be able to go to broadcasting stations”.

She then continued that “Regardless of the project drama, I will try to love all the actors that are appearing as my child”.

Kim Haesook also praised, saying that ”(Park) Yoohwan and I have matched our chemistry from ‘A Thousand Day Promise’ but he is a very good friend and I thought he is a pure innocent person” .

She continued praising Park Yoohwan and Do Jihan generously saying that in the drama, both of her “sons” are very good rookie actors.

After the end of this project, the 2 of them are most likely to receive attention. (T/N: Do Jihan is also a rookie actor who will be acting as Yoohwan’s younger brother in the drama)

The first episode of this drama will be airing on this coming Monday, 28th May at 8.15pm KST.

source: chosun

Translation by : kprincess5 for yeahyoohwan


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4 responses to “[TRANS] ‘Can’t Live Without You’ Kim Haesook praised “Park Yoohwan is such a pure person””

  1. 6002forever says :

    Proud of you Hwannie ah!!

  2. Czmych says :

    So glad to see him soon on the screen again 😉

  3. MORIN DOMINIQUE (@speculos28) says :

    I’m so happy to finally have the latest news from Yoohwan, and again very soon on the screen for the dissemination of his next drama “Can not Live Without You” which I expect to see the first episodes forward.
    Yoohwanie fighting!!

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