[TRANS] Upcoming MBC Daily Drama ‘Can’t Live Without You’ Yoohwan & Park Seonyoung Wedding Scene

Park Seonyoung – Park Yoohwan, the second “Oh Youngshim” (Shin Aera) – “Moon Shinwoo” (Park Yoonjae) following the popularity of ‘older woman –younger man’ couple [T/N: The characters mentioned above are from the daily drama Indomitable Daughters-in-Law]
The coming 28th May would be the first broadcast of MBC new daily drama (Can’t Live Without You) where Park Sunyoung is acting as a psychiatrist ‘Min Jisu’ and Park Yoohwan as ‘Kim Mindo’ who aspires to be movie director, had their first acting flow and revealed 3 photos taken during their filming scene.

On this day, ‘Mindo’ (Park Yoohwan) and ‘Jisu’ (Park Sunyoung) were wearing a tuxedo and veil at the filming set depicting a scene of a wedding. While wearing a tuxedo and veil respectively from the upper body really looked like a scene at a wedding ceremony, both were wearing casual wear for the bottom which makes it feels like an interesting reversal scene.
On the afternoon of 11th May, at a wedding hall located in Kangnam for the filming of the wedding scene, Park Sunyoung and Park Yoohwan had warmly greeted each other and shared conversations about work leading to an amicable atmosphere on set.
In particular, even during the scene where they had to read the wedding vow to each other, both Park Sunyoung and Park Yoohwan looked into each other’s eyes like old lovers acting with affectionate poses, creating expectations for the various episodes showing the ‘Min Jisu’-‘Kim Mindo’ couple in the future.

In addition, the movie staffs who appeared because of ‘Mindo’ (in the drama scene) were actual site staffs who participated in a large number as extras, pulling off double roles which resulted in a more fun and pleasant atmosphere at the filming site.
[Can’t Live Without You] is a production which serves to remind the importance of family through the conflict and reconciliation of a large family, which is drawing attention due to Choi Yisup PD and screenwriter Kim Sunyoung working together again after through [Miss Ripley] which expressed delicately the depth of desire in the inner psychology of human being.

Kim Haesook, Ju Hyeon, Park Sunyoung, Park Eunhye, Kim Hojin, Jo Yeonwoo, Kim Jiyeong, Yoon Mira, Yoon Dahoon, Oh Yeongsil, Choi Seunghyun, Park Yoohwan, Do Jihan, Nam Jihyun, Choi Yoonso, Wang Sukhyun etc. A brilliant cast of actors making an appearance creates an expectation for [Can’t Live Without You] with the first broadcast airing on 28th May (Monday) at 8.15pm.
Source: imbc
Translation by : kprincess5 for yeahyoohwan


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