[VIDEO] ‘Strongest K-pop Survival’ NG

credit:Pony Kick


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6 responses to “[VIDEO] ‘Strongest K-pop Survival’ NG”

  1. Lena (@Czmych) says :

    I didn´t know it was cut short to 14 episodes so it really surprised me to get to know it now… I will miss the cutie pie of Yoohwan, hope he will get something to do soon 🙂

  2. shupagirl says :

    Thank you so much 🙂

  3. whatif says :

    hi 🙂
    does anyone know why exactly this drama only has 14 episodes? was it cancelled or was it never supposed to have more than 14 episodes?
    thanks 🙂

  4. hisokachan says :

    Everyone wants to know the reason why, but no twitter has been shown 😦 ! The characters just keep twitter that they are happy and also miss member of the film making staff. :-<! Still can't believe it ends, such an unreasonable ending, still a lot of things need to be solved

  5. mwn1996 says :

    I Will miss the alooooooooooooooooot (they are the best)

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