[TRANS] Yonhap News Interview

He talk about ‘Thousand days promise’. Yoohwan said because of Soo Ae he could do it.He have tried so much for this drama.

MC: This drama is deeply emotional. Is it really not difficult?

He laughed a little and then said he didn’t know how to show emotion but Soo Ae helped him a lot with how to play in this drama.

MC: Is showing emotion expressions difficult?

He said at first he couldn’t capture the mood in the drama and it used to take so much time to capture the mood.MC: Is that a comparison with the first drama?

He said that ‘Shining (반짝반짝 빛나는)’ was his first drama and he was excited and shaking all the time. For this drama ‘Thousand days promise'(천일의 약속) he realized that he can have the freedom to enjoy it.

MC: You debuted 1 year ago and now what is your new role?

He said now he has the role of the idol group’s “M2” leader. When he is in front of his fan club he is kind but inside he does not care about fans at all and has a “rough” personality.

MC: This is bad person,right?

He said that other people will think he has two personallities.

MC: This drama is a fun story?

Yoohwan said ‘Yes’^^

MC: How do you prepare for your role as an idol?

He said to prepare ,he must learn how to sing, study music, do sports and dance. Every day he had to practice and do his best. He said he feels shy when he is dancing and singing, at first he found it difficult.

MC: When you sing, are you confident?

Yoohwan said because of Yoochun,Yoohwan is doing well and his singing is more assured. Yoohwan said Yoochun told him to work hard in order to succeed. Yoohwan said he feels thankful towards Yoochun for helping him.

MC: How do you feel that you have the tag ‘Yoochun’s younger brother Park Yoohwan’ ?

Yoohwan said he does not dislike this tag but the tag damaged his brother so he felt worried about it.

MC : Did Yoochun give you any advice?

Yoohwan said he lived in USA for a long time so he was worried about how he would adapt to Korea and he said ‘before an actor you should be a human, be always polite, courteous and don’t forget to smile’ thats  Yoochun’s advice.

MC:  Working with other actors, how is the atmosphere while filming?

Yoohwan said he worked with other actors while he was still learning. The film’s atmosphere is good. They have been teasing me, i was laughing and getting NG then we had to film again. He thinks the work environment is good and is having good team work.

MC: This is your first protagonist role do you not feel oppressed?

Yoohwan he payed a protagonist role after one year after his debut, he was worried about it but he is willing to work hard. Yoohwan said he  has a playful character. On the set he plays a lot and when he laughs during the filming, he gets scolded.

MC: What that scene in particular?

He said all the scenes. >o<

MC :How do you feel with other actors?

He said he will try to make other actors not feel difficult.

MC: Are you competing with other actors?

He said in fact, he is in competition with everything.

MC: When the filming finished,were you feeling satisfied?

Yoohwan said yes, he felt satisfied^^

MC: What was the typical exercise?

Yoohwan said he usually uses weights to train, but recently he started boxing.

MC: Have you ever got hurt from boxing?

He said he never got hurt from boxing. (he was smiling when he answered)

MC: Do you have a nickname that you like?

He said that the nickname he likes the most is ‘younger brother from mars’.

MC: Do you wanna film with your brother?

He said he wants to film with his brother in his next project. Filming together with his brother will sure be very fun.

MC: What kind of actor do you want to be?

He said he wants to be a good and skillful actor.

MC: Do you have any actor as your model?

He said the senior actors that everyone respect.Yoohwan said he will work hard to be a good actor.

MC: What kind of role do you want to play in the future?

He said ‘a person who has two personalities’ that he want to play this role^^ and he said now he enjoys being an actor.

MC: What are the advantages of Yoohwan?

He said if you look at the past works of him, he thinks you would know what the advantages of him are.

translation: koyayoo



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