[NEWS] JYJ – Song Ji Hyo – Park Yoohwan, “Please be a mango santa”

Song Ji Hyo, JYJ, and Park Yoohwan have set out on a project to plant 20,000 mango trees inSudan with Christmas coming up in just about a month.

Song Ji Hyo, JYJ, and Park Yoohwan shared through the CJ Entertainment website, “What do you think about gifting mango trees that can provide food and shades to the children of Sudan, Africa who are losing hope due to the long-lasting civil war?”

Mango tree patronage is a program by World Vision to help the children of Sudan, Africa and CJ Entertainment stars are working together on the campaign for a meaningful year’s end. The goal is set at 20,000 trees and the stars will be actively promoting for the cause.

The seedlings can be purchased at 10,000 KRW (about $8.70 at press time) and CJ Entertainment will be sending out letters with the message of thanks and autographs to those who participate for this great cause through World Vision.

Song Ji Hyo commented on the project saying “There are children who are suffering with hunger because of the long civil war. I think we can all be the ‘Mango Santa’ to them. I’d like it if you would participate with a warm heart this end of the year”, asking for participation.

JYJ revealed, “We heard that the mango trees become sources of food and great shade. I want to create a thick forest with the fans who love us and watch us. The lifespan of a mango tree is 100 years so we want it to be a precious meaning to last a long long time”.

Park Yoohwan added, “I heart 3 years are needed till a mango tree grows fully. I think it would be nice to visit Africa with the supporters to see the mango trees and to help the children”.

Song Ji Hyo, JYJ, and Park Yoohwan have also participated in the charity pictorial with the fashion magazine Elle.

Source: ETO via Nate


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