[NEWS] 111121 JYJ, Park Yoohwan and Song JiHyo for “A Peaceful Day” Pictorial

JYJ, along with the other CjeS entertainment artists, came together for a pictorial that promoted love and sharing for the “Share Happiness” campaign.

JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) gathered together with Song Jihyo and Park Yoohwan  for the ELLE pictorial, which had a concept of “Hippie freedom and peace, a peaceful day among five family members”.

In particular, this was the first time for real life brothers Park Yoochun and actor Park Yoohwan to do a photoshoot together and neither could conceal their joy about it. There was a good mood while shooting and Park Yoochun teased about sending the photos from the shoot directly to their mother. Park Yoohwan stated “It is an honor for me to be working with my brother and these great sunbaes on this shoot.”

Shoot officials stated, “Even though there was exhaustion due to advanced shooting and JYJ’s European Tour preparations, Kim Jaejoong drove his own car and arrived thirty minutes early to the shoot in order to help the staff and lessen their burdens, which caused us to be very impressed by him.”

When asked of anything special that existed between the CjeS family members, JYJ member Kim Junsu stated “Song Jihyo nuna is the only female actress that I have in my contacts. I feel proud”

Song Jihyo stated “This is really the first shot that me and the other members of my agency, Park Yoohwan and the JYJ members, have all done with each other. You can really see the happiness we felt all being in one place together”

This pictorial, which benefits the African charity “Share Happiness”, will appear in the December edition of ELLE magazine.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Translation by: DoctorJaee of JYJ3
Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.


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