[Trans] Park Yoochun‏ mentions his brother – High Cut Magazine Vol. 64


Your younger brother Park Yoohwan has debuted as an actor too, what was your advice to him?

Actually, it has been more difficult to meet my brother than the members. (laughs) From my view, the aspect where I highly rated my brother is his total self-management. Managing from his own skincare, exercise, nutrition etc, he does not need anyone else to remind him especially and he did everything well. This gave my mum and me a big shock.
The things that he would definitely not do usually, he did it all and very well after he started working.
I’m irritated by this! Because I wasn’t even like this.

Could it be that after he observed his brother and thought that, “I shouldn’t be like this”?

Puahaha! This is 100% possible! Compared to me, Yoohwan faced a lot of difficulties as he was younger, thus he was pretty psychologically traumatized. After his debut, he met a lot of people and unknowingly became brighter.
In the past, we would not go for a drink, but recently Yoohwan would initiate to call me and asked, “Hyung, shall we go for a drink?” This really puts me in a good mood.
I have told him that after he finished the filming of SBS “Thousand Day’s Promises”, we would go out to play, and this is a promise I have to keep.

credit: DC+loveissammi+ freyazo
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


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One response to “[Trans] Park Yoochun‏ mentions his brother – High Cut Magazine Vol. 64”

  1. Kouru-Kei says :

    really envy this park’s brother…

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