[TRANS] 11003 Park Yoohwan talks about new drama, Promise of a Thousand Days

Actor Park Yoo Hwan was recently cast in the new drama, ‘Promise of a Thousand Days‘.

This casting was very meaningful to Park Yoo Hwan because of his high respect for the writer of the drama, Kim Soo Hyun. He stated,

“I was so nervous when I found out I would be receiving the script of writer, Kim Soo Hyun. I cannot forget the excitement I felt as I read the script over and over again. When I first heard of the casting, I couldn’t believe it. To act in a drama written by Kim Soo Hyun writer was so honoring and unbelievable. Not just the writer, but the director and actors of this drama are so talented and popular I thought of whether I should even dare to take this chance. I am the youngest of the casts so I learn new things every time we film. Whenever I get nervous, Soo Ae sun bae nim reassures me so I am very thankful. As greedy I was for this role, I will work hard to display a good character.”

Park Yoo Hwan will be playing the role of actress Soo Ae’s younger brother. His character will be a caring brother who stays by his sisters side even though she carries Alzheimer’s disease.

The drama will be based on a heart-warming love story between two characters played by actor Kim Rae Won and Soo Ae. It will begin airing on October 17.

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One response to “[TRANS] 11003 Park Yoohwan talks about new drama, Promise of a Thousand Days”

  1. zero-mania says :

    Tomorrow! They are going to air tomorrow!! I’m so exited)))))

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