[VIDEO + TRANS] Yoohwan Interview, Excerpts on His Good Brother Yoochun

The following is an interview of Park Yoohwan. We excerpt and translate the parts related to Yoochun. The translated portions are 0.47 through  2:25 of the video.

MC: Mr. Park Yoochun, who is doing music as a member of JYJ and also an actor, is your older brother, right? He has also visited our studio before to become a hot issue. Does he give you a lot of advice?

Yoohwan: Yes. He give me a lot of advice on acting and he also gives me a lot of advice on how to act (properly) in society in particular. And one thing he always tells me—before you become an actor, you must become a person. I think he tells me that most often.

MC: Yes, he indeed tells you things fit for an older brother, it seems.

MC: But when they say “Park Yoochun’s younger brother Park Yoohwan” I feel that perhaps that is pressure. How is it?

Yoohwan: I feel no pressure at all. On the contrary, I always want to be a younger brother who makes his older brother proud, and so I am always doing my best.

MC: I feel that your affections for your older brother is special. But do you have something at which you think you are better at than your older brother?

Yoohwan: Ah… the skin. For the skin at least (I am better than my brother)…

MC: Ah… So do you take care of your skin well normally?

Yoohwan: No, I don’t really, but

MC: So you are born with it…

Yoohwan: Yes…

MC: Yes, I see. When you see your brother on stage looking cool I feel that you may have the desire e to become a singer instead of an actor. I also heard that when you were young your dream was to become a scientist. How did you come to act?

Yoohwan: In the beginning I had no thoughts of becoming an entertainer. But I saw my older brother acting in a coincidence. I fell into the charms of that character and so I came to learn how to act. I began to act starting then.

SourceMBN TV
Video Transfer + Translation CreditJYJ3
Please do not add to, alter, or remove credits.


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