[OTHER] Ancient *surprise* from YooHwan and happy fangirl ramblings :)

Random message from YooHwan (2007 06 14)

(NOTE: Unearthed from my old LJ… because erm a couple of years back I used to go on Cyworld a lot, checking hompy’s. Also since I got to friend YooHwan on MySpace and also had dongsaengs and unnies who knew about his CW account, I eventually learned about his hompy… Which I often commented on. No, we weren’t ilchons on Cyworld, but um he did send me a couple of Jjokji’s/PMs there. This is basically because he noticed my last name, which is same as Roscoe Umali’s, a rapper that he likes listening to.)

PM#01 from Park YooHwan: “I have a question. Are you related to Roscoe Umali by any chance?” (Received in the wee hours of the morning)

– And because I was/is an honest kid back then (shit damn lah I think I forgot I was a noona…), I said that “yes we are related but I am not close to that side of the family”. Which was true…. Until I asked Dad about him OTL

So well, that was already done :) ) Some of my friends said I should have told him that we have close family ties but nuuuu I’d rather be true lor. HAHA… but gah I wonder… HAHAH After replying… When I woke up, later that day…

PM#02 from Park YooHwan: “damn roscoe umali :) so gooooood mmm”

– My eyes srsly went O_O and I LITERALLY LOL-ED. /facepalms Oh Ricky, so greasy! Haha. I remember Rhanie unnie saying he made it sound like he was tasting roscoe LMAO

Anyways. Haha. This is teenage Park YooHwan for youuu! HAHA ^^; He was in a phase wherein he posted a lot of emo/dramatic/wild-ish photos and stuff =)) Remember Chunface with the long greasy hair? Picture YooHwan with that. :) ) OH THOSE WERE THE DAYS LOL LOL

We had about two more PM exchanges after this, but since I forgot my new Cyworld password… This is all I can share for now. :) )) He’s a nice kid, really. Just a bit out of this world back then. Looking at him now, he’s actually toned down already and has become more mature ^-^ Actor Park YooHwan! :)Fighting~

credit: candy-sky



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