[Trans] 110223 Park Yoohwan Says, “I Have Prettier Eyebrows Than Park Yoochun”

Park Yoohwan (21), who debuted as an actor through the MBC drama ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’, is known more as ‘JYJ Park Yoochun’s little brother’ than a ‘newbie actor’. But a label is nothing but a label. Park Yoohwan is getting ready to escape the fence of his older brother and fly as he said ambitiously, “I will become an actor who acts well.”

Park Yoohwan-Park Yoochun brothers, ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’and a fateful encounter
What had Park Yoohwan falling for the charm of acting was his older brother Park Yoochun. Park Yoohwan followed his brother to one of his acting lessons, as Park Yoochun was preparing for his role in KBS 2TV’s ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, and the thought crossed his mind, ‘Ah! This is it.’ But the character who charmed Park Yoohwan the most wasn’t Park Yoochun’s Lee Seon Joon. It was Song Joong Ki’s greasy, alcoholic, pompous, playboy and king of carnal pleasure, Goo Yong Ha. “I thought I could play the role of Goo Yong Ha better than the role of Lee Seon Joon. But all I did was sit in awe because Senior Song Joong Ki is such an amazing actor.” When asked if he wants to play the role of a playboy, Park Yoohwan laughed and said, “Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m not one in real life.”

I’ll give JYJ a song for free! But my brother? No!
Park Yoohwan’s greed for lyrical and musical composition shone through. One could see it as he said, “When I get the chance later, I want to work on writing music too. When I have the time, I want to help my brother.” But when asked ‘Would you give JYJ songs for free?’, Yoohwan evoked laughter from those around him as he said, “I would give JYJ songs for free but I can’t do that for my brother.” He has already proved his skills as he participated in the composition of the rap for the song ‘Kiss the baby sky’. “It was a great honor to have my lyrics sung in a song. It made me feel great knowing that my lyrics had gone into the song without a single word being changed. I was more thankful because people around me complimented me.”

“I have prettier eyebrows than my brother”
We asked Park Yoohwan what his best feature is. As soon as the question was asked, he opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish and said, “My lips. Don’t you just want to kiss them?” Following this, we asked him what feature of his he thought was better than his brother’s and he pointed at his eyebrows. “From when he was little, my brother had really sparse hair on his eyebrows. He used to annoy me by plucking mine out, probably out of envy. Um, that’s why I think that my eyebrows are prettier than his. Haha.” On the other hand, he admitted that he would never be able to catch up to his brother when it comes to manners and etiquette. “My brother has spent a long time in the entertainment industry, and that’s why I think I, who debuted much, much later than he did, have a lot to learn from him. Like how his manners are reflected in every action and word of his. Whenever I see my brother, I think, ‘Wow, he’s so cool’.

What was your mother’s precognitive dream about your birth?
We are curious as to what Park Yoochun and Park Yoohwan’s mother’s precognitive dreams were to have given birth to such handsome sons. Park Yoohwan said, “That dream? Wait. Let me ask my mom,” and took out his phone. After their conversation, Park Yoohwan gave a clear explanation, “She said she dreamed of holding an oyster, shining as bright as jewels, in her embrace near a pond in a cave. But she said oysters usually mean it’s going to be a girl.” Following this, he also said, “The precognitive dream my mom had of my brother was that she dreamt of holding a banana the size of her arm in her embrace as it hung for a tree. So she thought she was having twins, but it ended up that it meant that she was going to have another son, not twins. If it wasn’t for that banana, I might have been born a girl.”

Source: [mydaily+Yuaerubi]
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