[TRANS] 110217 YooHwan Calls His Elder Brother A Star And Wants To “Surpass His Brother Park YooChun”

According to Yonhap’s report on the 15th of February, JYJ’s member Park YooChun’s younger brother, Park YooHwan will be debuting through a MBC television drama “Twinkle Twinkle”, and this news has since attracted the attention of the entertainment world as well as the fans’.

As he is the younger brother of Park YooChun, a member of a famous group, there was inevitably a bigger amount of attention and focus on him by the Korean media, whose first impression of him was of “JYJ’s Park YooChun’s younger brother”. To this, Park YooHwan expressed that he does not mind, and said that, “To me, my elder brother’s status as a superstar is something which I cannot surpass, but in the area of acting, I would like to surpass him. My elder brother joined the entertainment circle before me, and he has often given me suggestions and advice, so I feel very at ease.”

During the interview with the Korean media, Park YooHwan expressed that both he and his brother spent their adolescent years in America. At that time, his elder brother loved music and would often sing to YooHwan his self-composed songs. YooHwan himself, on the other hand, preferred acting, and would borrow CDs to watch and imitate (the actors). Later on, he traveled back to Korea to pursue his interest and signed up for an acting class.

The report stated that prior to his debut, Park YooHwan had expressed to Park YooChun about his desire to develop in the entertainment circle and to become an actor. At that time, Park YooChun’s reply was “It would be very tough and difficult. You should really consider it seriously first.” After knowing his brother’s determination, however, Park YooChun gave his full support to Park YooHwan, and even his fans are supporting his younger brother now. Park YooHwan expressed that the support he had from his brother and the fans were the motivation for him to keep on working hard.

Source: baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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