[PICS/INFO] Park Yoohwan reveals heartwarming family photos

Rookie actor Park Yoohwan recently unveiled his heartwarming family photos.

On February 22nd, Park Yoo Hwan uploaded the pictures onto his Twitter and wrote, “Busy schedule… I want to see my family.”

In one of the photos, you can see Park Yoohwan smiling happily for the camera with his mother and his older brother, JYJ’s Yoochun. All three family members are dressed in a sophisticated member, with the mother earning especial praise for her elegant black hanbok.

Meanwhile, a different picture displays the brotherly love shared between Yoohwan and Yoochun, as Yoochun is seen draping his arm around Yoohwan’s shoulder.

Although he’s Yoochun’s brother, Park Yoohwan is steadily gaining approval with his own efforts, thanks to his debut acting stint in MBC’s “Shiny Shiny Shining”.

Source: Star News via Nate

Shared by allkpop + yeahyoohwan


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