[News] 110222 Park Yoohwan, “Even when I think about Hyung now, I’ll cry!”

The extraordinary close brotherhood between Park Yoochun and Park Yoohwan is already known to public. Having 5 years age gap, the two people call each other as their ‘treasure’.

The rookie actor and Park Yoochun’s younger brother Park Yoohwan revealed through a meeting with TV Report recently, “When I was younger, I thought all brothers’ relationship were good just like us.”

Park Yoohwan hence continued, “Maybe it’s because we spent a lot of time together when we’re in U.S. I couldn’t blend well with my classmates in school, thus I spent a lot of times with my brother,” he started to remember the memories.

“Then he went to Korea to debut. As a young boy I was, at first I felt really happy that I could have our room for myself, but after he didn’t comeback after 1 week, I started to feel sad.”

“When he was away, I had a lot of phone calls with him. In front of my parents and friends, I acted like a happy child, but I cried a lot when I was talking with him on call. My brother later said that he also cried by himself after we hung up the phone.”

There’s not even a possibility something could be more painful than that time. Park Yoohwan continued, “I cried when I saw my brother crying on TV. Even when I think about him now, my tears is still flowing.” as he said, his eyes got a bit teary.

Even nowdays when Park Yoohwan got nightmare while he was sleeping at night, he would still get up and go to his brother’s room, just like what a cute little brother will do. He also has courage to jump into the harsh entertainment world due to Park Yoochun.

Eventhough Park Yoohwan felt nervous and scared to have career by himself in entertainment, he’s finally encouraged by his brother’s support. “My brother is the reason I’m able to take the first step to realize my dream. One day I wish my brother can see the figure of me being a recognized actor.”

credit: TV Report
trans: sharingyoochun.net
shared by yeahyoohwan


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