[Trans] 110216 Park Yoohwan Reveals Bad Points About His Brother

Park Yoochun’s brother Park Yoohwan reveals secrets about his brother.

“Maybe his cleanliness is over a certain degree?” he said but he was unable to think of any flaws of his brother. After thinking about him for awhile, he said, “Hmm..I really don’t think there is anything…maybe the fact that he’s perfect?” He said laughing.

After some thought he explained, “At home, he can’t even overlook hair on the floor or anywhere else. If I use a cup and I leave it on the table, he immediately comes over and tell me to clean it up.” He continued to explain that it wasn’t to the extent that it was a cleanliness disease but, “He’s a clean freak to the extent that it’s a little tiring.”

He explained that he was different from his brother. “My brother is more feminine while I’m more masculine. He’s very good at organization, likes to decorate his room, and concerned about fashion and more delicate. On the other hand,  I wear anything people recommend to me, and don’t have much interest in fashion. I’m a bit more cool and chic.”

Gaining confidence and a more cheerful personality while acting, Park Yoohwan said, “During elementary school, I used to share a room with Yoochun and when we sleep he would try to interlock his arms with mine which I found a little bit annoying. And this happened more than once or twice,” he unburdened.

Park Yoohwan took his first step in acting in the MBC weekend drama “Shiny Shiny Shining.” He plays the character “Han Seo Woo,” the young uncle of Jung Won (Han Hyun Joo). Because he is the ranked highest in the family, he is an interesting character that gets to scold his nieces and nephews who are older than him, but he is also weighed down by emotional burden.

credit: innolife
trans by: sharingyoochun.net


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