[NEWS] First drama feat. Park Yoohwan starts airing on February 12th

JYJ‘s Yoochun‘s little brother Yoohwan will have his acting debut in the Korean drama Shiny Shiny Shining.

Park Yoohwan plays the role of Lee Seo Woo, an 18 year old bastard child of father Han Ji Woong. His character is forced to more mature than his age due to his placement in the family tree, which puts him at a higher rank than some of his older relatives. Behind the mature mask, however, lies a lonely child who has problems fitting in his peers because of the secrets surrounding his birth. With the support of his brother, Yoohwan has been taking acting lessons to prepare for his first role.

Producers of the show were especially satisfied with his progress and gave him a ‘passing mark’ for his debut.

Park Yoohwan’s first character is a very emotional, complex, but unique character. He’s also one of the most important roles in the drama itself, and despite it being only his debut, he expressed the role impressively. He’s currently doing his absolute best in perfecting his character, so please look forward to his improvements in the future.

The drama will air on MBC starting February 12th at 8:40 PM.


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